Chapter: “Remediation & Development of Modernist Forms in The Western Home Monthly,” Reading Modernism with Machines (Palgrave Macmillan 2016), ed. Shawna Ross and James O’Sullivan

Co-authored by Hannah McGregor and Nicholas Van Orden, this chapter is the first study of the digitization of The Western Home Monthly and the possibilities for reading the magazine as a digital artefact. It outlines the methods through which the magazine was digitized, demonstrates the benefit of distant reading in understanding the formal dimensions of magazines, and offers a model for the combination of close and distant reading methods.


Special Issue: Magazines and/as Media: Periodical Studies and the Question of Disciplinarity 

Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 6.2 (2015)

Including essays by Patrick Collier, Will Straw, Susan Hamilton, J. Matthew Huculak, and Jana Smith Elford.


Special Issue: Magazines and/as Media: The Aesthetics and Politics of Serial Form

English Studies in Canada 41.1 (2015)

Including essays by Maria DiCenzo, Kirsten Macleod, James Mussell, Debra Rae Cohen, Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Andrea Hasenbank, Victoria Kuttainen, Susann Liebich, and Sarah Galletly.

ESC 41.1 Cover copy